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1. Are your products safe?

YES. Our products have accomplished various necessary tests, which have proven their safety. Every recipe and every product was strictly checked by Safety Assesor, thanks to that you can be certain that our cosmetics are completly safe for use.

2. Do your products cause allergies?

Every our cosmetic has dermatological inspections, proving their safety, but due to a fact that our products are natural and made of plant-based ingridients there is a small chance that it will cause alergies.  In this case its essential oils that can be a potential allergen, so to minimize the risk we abide recommendation of concentraion of every essential oil, and we always put them on the label.

3. Are your products vegetarian and vegan friendly?

YES. When composing recipes of our cosmetics our goal was to eliminate all ingridients of animal origins. We work only plant-based materials to provide cosmetics vegan and vegetarian friendly.

4. Where are your products made?

They are being made in befriended laboratory in Science and Technology Park in Ełk(small city in Masuria in Poland).  Cosmetics are made in clean and wholly equipped lab, which has its effect in quality of our products.

5. Are your prodcuts 100% natural?

We can proudly answer- YES. WE belive in power of natual ingredients and essential oils, which we use to substitute syntetic scent composition. We like fresh and healthy cosmetics, without parabens, artificial coloroing or preservatives.

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